Bailey horticulture

Bailey horticulture

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Bailey horticulture

Tuesday, 15 November 2017

“We had a good look at the trees at the other end, but the trees there were very dry. Our trees are still young. They’re in leaf out so they’re better protected from the wind. It’s harder to lose a tree that’s in leaf out than one that’s in bud.

“We’re doing a bit of pruning in our orchard. We can only take out a very little because it has to be done right.

“The wind will be quite brisk today. It’s dry and we’re going to have quite a few storms today. That’s something we need to be aware of as we have a lot of fruit on the trees.”

Saturday, 12 November 2017

A few of us went to our lovely orchard in the sunshine on Saturday to pick cherries. It was nice to see the trees again after the frosts and there is plenty of cherries to harvest, which we will get to next weekend when we pick more from the wild plants in the back garden.

We always have plenty of fresh cherries but this year, all our cherry trees are bearing fruit, which is lovely as the taste is so rich and sweet. They’re still quite small and have a lovely delicate flavour. We look forward to it tasting even better when we eat them over the coming weeks.

Monday, 7 November 2017

The apples are starting to change colour. The colour changes according to what you eat. The ones that have been eaten on the tree are brown and some of the smaller ones turn brown before the wind gets to them. Some of the red variety on the ground are yellow and the others are getting a brown tinge. We know there are two varieties of apples in the garden – the Cox and the Braeburn. We’ve had the Cox one for a few years now.

Tuesday, 1 November 2017

The trees are laden with their harvest, which makes us think about the Christmas pudding that’s going to be a feast. They’re in good shape and still green. It is all delicious though and a great treat. We’ve had to put up the wire around the lower branches of the trees so the birds don’t damage it by eating the fruit.

The cherry trees are bearing lots of fruit. We’ve picked and eaten the black cherries so there’s loads more to come, including the cherries that are still green and the very, very sweet cherries which are still only half ripe.

Saturday, 5 October 2017

As we’re into October and we’ve picked our last fruit, which was harvested last weekend, the trees are starting to get bare again. The weather has been quite dry lately, not quite so hot but just warm enough for a day or two with lots of sunshine. And today we had a bit of a thunderstorm. The fruit is starting to turn and many of the apples are just a bit bigger and softer than when we harvested last week. Today they are just beginning to turn and our next lot is due in two weeks.

Some of the apple varieties are starting to ripen well. One in particular is delicious and looks very pretty. It is a cross between an American Red Delicious and a Granny Smith. We’ve been eating them with custard and cream cheese or eating them dry with cream cheese or eaten fresh or with cheese.

It’s been a good year for the peaches and nectarines, which started to ripen in late June. So lots of sweet fruit on the way.

Friday, 4 October 2017

Our first tomatoes have come through the net. They’re very small, only three or four in a bunch and some have barely even begun to change colour. This variety, known as Brandywine, is one of those varieties that are bred to be productive and last a long time on the tree, so there’s a lot of them in the average garden. The best thing about them is that, unlike so many other cherry tomato varieties, the fruit doesn’t keep for too long once picked and doesn’t turn to mush when over-wintered. But, like many other tomatoes, the best thing is to eat them fresh and at their best while they’re still firm and sweet. For some people they can take a little while longer to ripen.

Our early peaches are also nearly ready, with just one of them remaining in our garden. They’ve been a very good variety this year. We’re not sure what kind it is but it has the good combination of

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