International landscape photographer competition

International landscape photographer competition

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International landscape photographer competition 2013

The International Landscape Photographer of the Year competition has been going for over 30 years. This year there were over 13,000 entries from all over the world – that’s a huge number. As the judging panel looked through them, the judges had to select only 10 finalists, which left this:

Johannes Breder, Switzerland

Johannes’s pictures are the epitome of simplicity – no frills, no gimmicks, but beautiful.

He started making pictures in the early 80s. He’s been to more than 70 countries and his work includes “Tropical Places, Waterfalls and Mountains, Coastal and Urban Landscapes, Land and Water Sports, Landscapes of the World”, among many other subjects.

The best bit of his work though, is the way that he has managed to capture the essence of nature.

The judges had these to say about Johannes’s work:

“His images are like the breath of fresh air of this planet…his photographs are simple and very much to the point”

The judges said: “We are constantly amazed by the quality of his work, his photographs of waterfalls, mountains, deserts, canyons and rainforests are masterpieces”

This is Johannes Breder’s entry.

The judges said: “We had to choose our favourites. We have three for Africa, one for America, one for Asia, one for Europe and one for Oceania. These are very difficult decisions. One for the North America, one for Europe and one for the Tropical area. The judges can’t wait to share their favourites”

The North American category:

1. Robert Sauer

2. Andrew Mudd

3. Chris Menges

4. Dan Shue

The European category:

1. Johannes Breder

2. Christian Reis

3. Andres Kratowski

The Oceania category:

1. Robert Sauer

2. Dan Shue

3. Johannes Breder

The Judges comments:

“We had to choose the 3 winners and each judge selected 2 runners up as well. The Judges of the Grand Prize could not choose 3 of their favourites, they have to choose the BEST IN THE CATEGORY”

The judges comments:

“All the photos are of very high quality and we were so impressed by all of the entries that we have decided that there will be more than one award.”

The judges comments:

“Our 3 favourite entries for the Grand Prize were Robert Sauer, Dan Shue and Andres Kratowski”

The judges comments:

“Our favourite entries are Robert Sauer, Andrew Mudd and Johannes Breder for the North American, European and Oceania categories respectively”

The judges comments:

“The European category is our favourite. But all of the photos in this category are of exceptional quality. We look forward to seeing more of the photos in this category again”

So don’t wait to enter your travel photography photos to win this season’s Grand Prize, be sure to head to or click here to download the form, as well as the categories and their winners.

And to give you a heads up, there are some great travel photography seminars and workshops on this years schedule, these travel photography courses can be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home and are taught by one of the best in the industry – check them out here: Travel Photography Seminars and Workshops.

This is a great opportunity to join in on the action and enter your photos before the entries close in May. Good luck to all of the entrants and we look forward to seeing your travel photos again, the next time on the show floor.

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