Alternative indoor plant pots

Alternative indoor plant pots

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Adding a plant to your home is the easiest way to surround yourself with a little bit of Mother Nature and as for those outdoor plants? They need some tender loving care too! The following tutorials show you how you can transform an ordinary terracotta pot into something quite extraordinary! The ladies at A Beautiful Mess have created these bohemian inspired, lace-adorned terracotta plant pots using just a handful of materials which are probably already lying around your house!

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How to Choose the Best Outdoor Plant Pots, According to an Expert

For details of our Terracotta range, please see our Woodlodge page. A much-used alternative to quarried natural stone, which it stands alongside in appearance and performance. However, it is much more readily available and cost-effective. A strong, highly versatile material, suitable for period and contemporary styles which can weather like natural stone.

For details of our range, please see our Haddonstone page. For details of our range, please see our Woodlodge page. For details of our range, please see our Elho page. Fruit and vegetables can be successful too, as can some roses.

As with any type of planting, selecting appropriate plants for your pots and containers makes a huge difference to their success — our plant information team are always on hand to help with your plant selection. Life in containers can be tough for plants, so be sure to choose the right compost and carry out regular checks for watering requirements to ensure they put on a good show.

With so many types and styles to choose from, garden pots and planters have so many uses for introducing form, a focal point or simply more space for planting! Contact our friendly team on or email us on info aylettnurseries. Alternatively, browse our selection of garden pots and planters below.

Garden Pots and Planters. Choose from a vast selection: Terracotta Garden Pots A classic that never goes out of fashion, these make a stylish addition to any garden. Fibre Clay A strong, durable, frost resistant and lightweight alternative to terracotta or stone. Plastic Garden Pots and Planters Lightweight, practical and available in many shapes, colours and sizes.

Be inspired… With so many types and styles to choose from, garden pots and planters have so many uses for introducing form, a focal point or simply more space for planting! Here are some ideas for using pots and planters in your outdoor spaces; Plant herbs in a pot by the kitchen door for cooking and fragrance.

Use pots in your borders to create different heights for added interest. A single pot or a group of pots can be a perfect way to fill an empty corner. Pull garden furniture and pots together with a colour theme. Use a large pot or urn as a focal point instead of a fountain. Use a series of identical garden planters in a uniform line to create different areas in your garden. Use pots or planters either side of a pathway or doorway to make it feel more grand and welcoming. Place planters against an ugly fence or wall to rejuvenate tired-looking areas in your garden.

No matter how big your outdoor space is, a single garden pot or small collection well arranged on a terrace, patio, deck or balcony can make an area more interesting and attractive.

Ideas for Planter Drip Trays

Plant containers come in a wide variety of prices, sizes, colors, shapes and materials. Each specific container has advantages and disadvantages of its own. Berikut adalah pecahan penanam bahan yang berbeza boleh dibuat untuk memudahkan anda membuat pilihan terbaik untuk keperluan anda. Di mana anda ingin menyimpan tumbuhan pasu, iklim anda, nilai estetik, dan kemudahan penyelenggaraan dan kos adalah semua faktor yang perlu anda pertimbangkan sebelum membuat keputusan. Pressed paper containers are a great choice when dealing with vegetables.Bekas -bekas ini bernafas dengan baik, menggalakkan pertumbuhan akar yang sihat dan meningkatkan pengudaraan, serta menebat akar dari perubahan suhu yang mungkin membahayakan atau menekankan tumbuhan anda. Penanam ini boleh dibiodegrasikan, yang bagus untuk alam sekitar tetapi bermakna anda perlu menggantikannya setiap tahun.

As you know indoor gardening also serves as an alternative to the yard where space is limited, pick the right planters for maximum plantation. Hanging planters.

Choosing a Pot Plant Container – The Pros and Cons

Disclaimer This article may contain affiliate links, this means that at no cost to you, we may receive a small commission for qualifying purchases. Planter stands come in to save the day, offering enough room for exposing various planter pots that will animate your yard. Finding the proper one can be tricky though and may cost you a few dollars, reason for which we have searched for cheap plant stand alternatives that can help you in this quest. The possibilities are various, from cinder blocks that can be arranged in interesting compositions to recycled colorful furniture pieces and wooden ladders that hold and display your wonderful tiny plants. Choose the best alternative for your and your home and leave your valuable feedback in the comment section placed at the end of the gallery. How do you display your plants in your backyard? Feel free to share your ideas and projects regarding planter stand alternatives in the comment section below.

Garden Myth: Gravel in Pots and Containers

Beautiful plants need beautiful planters , and beautiful planters need beautiful stands. Where can you find the best range of planters and stands to decorate your home and garden? Di sini. Construct a ceramic ladder of potted ferns beside your office window.

When it comes to finding new flower planters for your garden, chances are, a majority of products you look at will be made out of plastic. The good news is, there are now sustainable alternatives available that are much better for the planet than plastic.

Branching out: 6 super-stylish alternatives to a standard plastic plant pot

An array of stylish containers create decorative vignettes in your garden. Chip Wade used cast iron plant in these containers: it's very hardy and gives a feeling of an indoor houseplant. Use graduated pairs of containers for a more interesting composition. Photo by: Ben Rollins. Container gardening is one of the most popular trends among gardeners, both expert and novice. For the answer, we turned to some real experts, the horticulture team at the Atlanta Botanical Garden , for their advice:.

Plant Containers, Pots, and Planters – What Material Is the Best?

Container gardens are a perfect solution for adding color and foliage to your outdoor living areas or for conveniently growing herbs, fruits and vegetables just outside your back door. However, if you have discovered that your thumb really is not that green or that you simply purchased more flowerpots and planters than you ended up using, there are plenty of other uses for your pots. Old flowerpots can be repurposed to organize all sorts of things, especially because they come in so many shapes, sizes and designs that some of them do not even look like they were ever intended to be filled with dirt. If you happen to have some extra planters or flowerpots hanging around that need to be repurposed, here are 20 simple ways you can give them new life around your home, garden or outdoor living areas. Seed Storage: If you still want to grow flowers, fruits or vegetables — just not in these particular pots — you can use small, extra flowerpots to store seed packets in your shed or garage between plantings. This will help keep your seeds organized and out of the way. It is important to make sure they are shallow so that small children and dogs can easily reach inside to pull out their favorite toys.

You can get specialty potting soil for indoor plants, outdoor containers and plants like cactuses. Most plants thrive in containers with drainage holes.

18 Low-Cost Planter Alternatives You Should Not Miss

One of the most common questions about using large planters is, "what do I fill the bottom with?. You don't need to fill a large planter with soil unless you want to and can afford it. There are plenty of other materials you can use that work well and ensure the potted plant or tree continues to grow and thrive. In this post, we look at the best materials to fill the bottom of a large planter to save you some time, energy, and money.

What Is the Best Material for Planters: The Pros and Cons of Popular Pots

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Please select your shipping region.Jadi, mengapa menetap untuk periuk tumbuhan tradisional apabila anda boleh membuat sesuatu yang lebih menarik? Berikut adalah beberapa contoh penanam DIY yang boleh anda buat hari ini menggunakan item yang mungkin anda miliki. Jika tidak, mereka boleh didapati dengan mudah di kedai rumah atau kedai tangan kedua. Cubalah mereka dan cari penanam yang sempurna untuk rumah anda.

Terracotta dan seramik adalah dua bahan penanam yang paling biasa.

Sekiranya saya meletakkan batu di bahagian bawah periuk saya

Perbadanan Penyiaran British. Baca tentang cara mengitar semula pembelian plastik dan apakah alternatif yang mungkin. Masalahnya ialah, seperti beg pembawa, periuk tumbuhan plastik telah menjadi masalah sisa besar: mereka menumpuk, di taman kita, di tong sampah kita, dan majoriti mereka sama ada dihantar ke tapak pelupusan atau dibakar. Dan pembuatan plastik dara menggunakan sejumlah besar bahan api fosil empat peratus daripada pengeluaran minyak tahunan dunia digunakan untuk menghasilkan plastik dan tiga peratus lagi untuk mengeluarkannya. Alternatif yang jelas adalah untuk mengitar semula mereka, bukan hanya dengan memberi lebihan anda kepada jiran atau projek komuniti setempat, tetapi dengan dapat membawa mereka kembali dikitar semula secara komersil, idealnya untuk dijadikan lebih banyak periuk. Sehingga baru -baru ini, hujah terhadap kitar semula secara besar -besaran adalah terlalu kompleks dan mahal untuk menyusun plastik campuran.

Pot akhbar

Sila pilih kawasan penghantaran anda. Ada sedikit masa dan ruang untuk ganti? Cuba alternatif -alternatif ini untuk menanam pod. Dapatkan inspirasi di sini.